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Carer Story

National Volunteer Week

Former Australian Politician Elizabeth Andrew once said “volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they have the heart”. This wonderful group within our community numbers almost 6 million nationwide and without them, many of those who are vulnerable and at risk would not

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Arafmi Carer Advisory Committee

Arafmi is establishing a Carer Advisory Committee to ensure the Arafmi Board can continue to strengthen their connection with carers and their understanding of carers needs. The Carer Committee will

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Arafmi’s Response to COVID-19

In order to help alleviate any questions or fears you may have about our supports and services during the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have put together some frequently asked questions for

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You are not alone this Christmas

Christmas is a festive and joyful time for some, but unfortunately it can be a difficult and challenging time for others. Loved ones and carers may have unpleasant memories of

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