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Carer Coach

Carer Coach is a five module training series that Arafmi has developed to help mental health carers and the people they care for navigate the NDIS. Carer Coach is being delivered through face-to-face workshops, booklets and online.

Carer Coach brings together information from a range of quality NDIS resources relevant to mental health carers. This information has been combined with the invaluable knowledge Arafmi’s frontline workers have developed through supporting people through the NDIS process, to provide carers with accurate and easily accessible information.

Upcoming Carer Coach Workshops:

Carer Coach Cover Module 1

Module One

A brief introduction to the NDIS and mental illness

Carer Coach Cover Module 2

Module Two

Making an NDIS application

Carer Coach Cover Module 3

Module Three

Getting ready for the planning meeting

Carer Coach Cover Module 4

Module Four

Supporting someone to make the most of their NDIS plan

Carer Coach Cover Module 5

Module Five

Preparing for a plan review

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Helping people who care for a friend or family member with mental illness navigate the NDIS. View our flexible learning options for today.

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