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NDIS Accomodation & Respite

Arafmi is a registered NDIS provider offer a range of accommodation options and support for people with a psychosocial disability, situated across South East Queensland.

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Short-Term Accommodation

Our Arafmi Houses allow NDIS participants who have access to core funding to experience time away from home in a safe and supportive environment with access to staff throughout the stay. We offer flexible short-term accommodation arrangements ranging from a week-long holiday, a weekend away each month, an overnight stay or a few hours break each week.

We freshly prepare evening meals and lunches for guests staying at our houses. Guests absolutely love our dinner menus, which boast a wide variety of dishes that change from week to week and season to season.

Occasionally we offer a range of social, recreational and leisure activities which help to encourage inclusion in the community, and provide participants with an opportunity to engage in activities that may help them work towards their goals. Speak to our team to see what’s available or to discuss adding any extra activities or outings.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

We understand the importance of independence, this is why we provide a personal approach to give NDIS participants greater choice and control over who they choose to live with and how the supports are structured. These supports can be provided to participants in their own home, regardless of the property ownership (renting or not), or if it’s a shared or individual arrangement.

People living with a mental illness may also benefit from sharing a home with others who also need support. Our highly-skilled staff are ready to help find the best living arrangements and support staff to create a comfortable living space for all residents to ensure everyone feels right at home and has the opportunity to develop their skills.

Our personalised approach allows us to work closely with the participant, families and carers to find the best living arrangements for all involved.

For more information on Supported Independent Living, speak to our friendly team today on 07 3254 1881.

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Hi, my name is Jessica and since moving into Supported Independent Living with Arafmi I have learnt so many new skills and have a really enjoyable social life.  I have 4 wonderful Support Workers and my relationship with my Mum, Dad and the whole family (12 of us) has really improved.  With the help of my Support Workers, I have been able to improve my independence and can now do so many more things for myself and am also supported out in the community, to join in activities and to participate in groups.  I am now able to cook some of my own food and help with dinner every night, and sometimes I go out for lunch or dinner with my Support Workers.


Supported Independent Living Resident

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