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Arafmi Visits Charleville – May 2023

Arafmi Visits Charleville – 2023 Earlier in the year, Arafmi’s Carer Support Team were invited to Charleville to explore the possibility of developing another support group for mental health carers in the region. Our visit was jam packed with activities, so we were grateful for the support of a great guide and friend of Arafmi who works with vulnerable communities in Charleville, Irene F. Irene helped us to connect with a number of services there and enabled us attend other events, connect with the community, and learn a lot more about the mental health supports on offer in the area. For example, we attended a Reconciliation event hosted by the local First organisation CWAATSICH and participated in activities such as learning how to make Australian sandalwood smudge sticks for smoking ceremonies. Talking with residents there deepened our understanding of their connection to country and of their approach to mental health supports in the community. We also presented at a Biggest Morning Tea event run by the community group Healthy Aging on the outskirts of town at Red Lizard Camping Ground. Connecting with the elders of that community gave us a good history of the town’s development and icons like the

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Arafmi Mental Health Carer Forum 2022

Arafmi Mental Health Carer Forum 2022  The Carer Forum this year was yet another success. Feedback received from attendees was all quite positive and we’re pleased with the Victoria Park venue. With a few suggestions and feedback taken on board, we’re looking forward to bringing you another great forum in 2023!  During the forum we heard from our CEO and Carer Support Team Manager, Irene and Frie. We were given an update on the mental health carer hub progress and advised of new funding for the team. As part of this, we split into three groups: systems advocacy, respite and regional engagement. In these groups we discussed what we wanted to see in these areas and what we didn’t want to see.  Systems Advocacy What do you want to see?  A holistic emotional health unit like the Mater Emotional Health Unit. This unit is private but each person is dealt with as an individual and given one-on-one with psychologists and social workers etc.   Early intervention to prevent or lessen the amount of people going into Emergency Department for crisis care.  More hospital accountability. Diversity when asking for the carer voice in both online and offline.  More linking with services. Lobby

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Mental Health Support Workers

Mental Health Support Workers Arafmi Ltd is a community organisation providing support for families, carers and people with mental health needs or psychosocial disability for more than 40 years. Due to increased demand, we have a number of exciting opportunities available for experienced Mental Health Support Workers, passionate about making a difference to the lives of these people and their families, within our Supported Independent Living, Short Term Accommodation and Community Access programs in all of our locations across the Greater Brisbane region. About the role Working as part of a supportive, passionate and person-centred team, you will be responsible for: providing quality practical and emotional support to our clients to enable them to meet their personal life goals and objectives, as outlined within their NDIS plan; Assisting clients to develop and/or expand their social relationships and networks in the local community; Providing assistance with activities of daily living, including household cleaning and meal preparation; Implementing and facilitating planned activities which promote independence; Maintaining client files and database as per the procedures; Actively participate in all staff meetings, training and Arafmi development activities. You will also have the opportunity to utilise your knowledge and skills in working with indigenous clients, vision

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Queensland Healths New Plan for Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs

Carer Consultation – Queensland Health’s New Plan for Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs

Queensland Health via the Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch (MHAODB) is seeking feedback from carers to inform the development of a new plan for future state funded mental health, alcohol and drug services.  As part of the planning process, carers who have experience of the Queensland mental health system are being consulted. Queensland Health’s MHAODB have engaged Arafmi to hear your views and collate responses and feedback.   At the close of the consultation, Arafmi will prepare a report based on your responses and feedback. This will include identified issues, barriers and strategies for Queensland Health to consider in future planning.  Below are the necessary links to RSVP for your preferred method of participation: Online workshop 1 (Zoom): When: 12:30pm – 2:30pm, Friday, 6 AugustRSVP: Sorry, workshop 1 is FULL. Another workshop has been added below. Online workshop 2 (Zoom):When: 10am – 11:30am, Thursday, 5 August,RSVP: Register via Zoom here Online survey: Take the survey here Survey closes: 5pm  Fri 6/8/21 Face-to-face workshop:When: 11:30am – 2:00pm, Friday, 30 July,Where: Common Ground Queensland, 15 Hope Street, South Brisbane,RSVP: Sorry, this workshop in now FULL. Please note that those taking part in the face-to-face workshop, the online workshop or the one-on-one consultation will be reimbursed for their time. In recognition of your time and contribution, remuneration will be $40/hr in the form of gift cards.   If

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