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Working Together

Working Together Event Overview

In May we organised the Working Together event at Burleigh Heads which gave carers a chance to connect with each other and learn about available support services for themselves. We would like to thank Cindy Heddle, Queensland Representative National Mental Health Carer and Consumer Forum, Louise Delaney, Carer Peer Worker, Queensland Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Service as well as Carers QLD for their support and work towards planning the event.

Purpose of the Event:

  • To provide an opportunity for carers on the Gold Coast to connect with other carers and essential supports available for them 

  • Increase awareness of carer role and needs at different times 

  • Identify future needs and opportunities 

From the Participants & Presenters:

Poem: Holding Hope Together by Cindy Heddle

To hold hope for another takes a strength that’s unknown. 

To lift another through a caring heart is a strength on its own. 

With love and hope you’ll do what it takes, protective and determined no matter what you face. 

You are selfless in your support, and give so much each day. But you wonder what the future you… might say. 

Your path often rocky and walked alone, does not mean that they’re doing this on your own. 

Know that your work is never in vain, and that your journey although difficult bares no shame. 

Together we are united in hope, becoming stronger and more able to cope. 

Paths will cross as they are often meant to, trust that support is always there for you. 

We are carers and mothers, fathers, wives, daughters and sons, who all have an important role in the wellbeing of our loved one. 

Today is about you and the work you do, but never forget that you matter too. 

Thank you.

Dreaming Big Responses

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