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Understanding the NDIS – Carer Coach Module 1 and 2

Arafmi Mental Health Carer Hub 315 Harcourt Street, Teneriffe

Understanding the NDIS session is designed to assist carers to understand what the NDIS is and how to apply for a NDIS package.Carer Coach is a five module training series that Arafmi has developed to help mental health carers and the people they care for navigate the NDIS. It brings together information from a range of quality NDIS resources relevant to mental health carers. We have combined the information with the invaluable knowledge Arafmi’s frontline workers have developed through supporting people through the NDIS process, to provide carers with accurate and easily accessible information.

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Dual Diagnosis Support Group

Our Dual Diagnosis Support Group offer a supportive environment where people have the opportunity to talk about their experiences, help explore alternative ways of coping, offer support to other group members, or to simply listen and observe.

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