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If you’ve ever wanted to try yoga, this is the perfect opportunity to try it in the comfort of your own home! Our fantastic support worker Tahnee is sharing her personal training skills with you by taking you through a gentle 40 minute beginner yoga class.

All you need is a device that is connected to the internet, enough space on the floor to stretch out, a towel (or yoga mat) for the floor and time to enjoy the session. You might want to make sure you’ve got your charger close by as well, in case your battery runs low during the class. 

How do I register? 

If you’d like to attend one or more of our client sessions, it is important that you fill out the Expression of Interest form on this page.  Alternatively, if you prefer you can call us on 07 3254 1881 or talk to your Arafmi Support Team.

How much does a session cost? 

All the online sessions are FREE!

If you are an Arafmi client and require Supports to help access these events, please get in contact with your Arafmi support team. A support worker will be allocated and billed to your plan as per usual under Social & Recreational Group Activities.